SELA has formed a strategic partnership with First Court, a leader in providing practical legal tools on a virtual platform, to deal with issues related to litigation.  SELA and First Court can provide insightful jury research, private jury trials, voir dire/jury selection consulting and persuasive negotiating tools using First Court’s Vulcan Interactive™ software.

First Court’s Vulcan Interactive™ software is the key to making the process work. With Vulcan, your team can instantly view detailed live trial data, video, and written feedback from the jurors.  You can access the system on site or remotely, and the software allows teams to collaborate in real time.

First Court’s JuryReactions® is today’s best online jury research service.  Jurors from your trial venue log into our proprietary software when it is convenient for them.  They see the story of your case and react to one screen at a time. They evaluate lawyers and witnesses on video.  They respond to pictures, diagrams, animations, documents, and bullet point summaries of testimony.  You can even test expensive expert testimony … before hiring a single expert!  Most interesting is that the webcam is on: You actually see the faces of your jurors and hear the emotion in their voices as they respond to the most critical issues in your case.

Contact SELA to learn more about First Court’s cutting-edge virtual software that can aid you in your mediation.