Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is an innovative,  psycho-educational program that puts children first while creating promising solutions designed to improve the quality of the parental relationship in situations of divorce or family separation. The overall emphasis of Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is to offer children the opportunity to grow in a home environment free from being caught in the middle of parental conflict. We have designed an online asynchronous learning course that also includes two (2) in-person synchronous learning sessions so parents can proceed at their own pace. There is no longer any fear of busy schedules presenting an attendance problem.  

Parenting relationships do not disappear when a marriage ends in divorce or a couple terminates a relationship. Instead, the demanding job of parenting requires even more skill. For the sake of the children, divorced parents must communicate with their former spouses in matters of child rearing since the ability of parents to interact with each other greatly affects the child’s adjustment to divorce. Unrelenting parental conflict is the single most common cause of poor adjustment in children following a divorce. 

Cooperative Parenting and Divorce is an extensive, informed, and interactive resource for parents as they examine the complex realities of divorce. The Cooperative Parenting and Divorce program has been well received by judges and juvenile courts throughout the nation since its introduction in 1995.