SELA can provide experienced neutrals to assist in inter- and intra-faith conflicts involving religious institutions or people who have a strong adherence to religious practice and beliefs through a compassion-based process. Many of these types of disputes are denied access to secular courts due to the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Faith-Based Mediation offers a different approach.

Faith-Based Mediation is like secular mediation in that it provides a respectful, confidential platform where the mediator facilitates the resolution of a conflict or dispute. The essential difference is that the process incorporates the client's fundamental religious beliefs, values, and principles throughout the entire process. Faith-Based Mediation has been used to resolve a whole spectrum of disputes including divorce and family matters, contract issues, employment matters, personal injury cases, landlord/tenant disputes, real estate disputes, creditor/debtor issues, church splits and more.

If a client is in a marriage with unresolved or worsening problems and a desire to preserve the marriage while one or both parties consider divorce, Faith-Based Mediation is an effective tool to negotiate solutions while honoring faith, family, and future. Faith-Based Mediation is designed to help navigate conflict at any stage of a marriage experiencing regular or escalating discord. If divorce is not yet certain, the possibility of reconciliation can be enhanced with Marital Mediation.

Faith-Based Mediation encourages understanding, free communication, reconciliation and forgiveness which can preserve relationships in the home and the workplace. It helps participants to identify root problems behind disputes and to make positive changes so there will be healthier relationships and less conflict in the future. Faith-Based Mediation doesn't just look back on past issues but looks forward to the future.

Let SELA's Faith-Based Mediators handle your case in accordance with your faith.